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Track Rules

All rules are strictly enforced!

The rules below are in place to keep our riders, spectators, fans and staff safe. Please read through and discuss any concerns or questions.

  • No spectators will be permitted on the track unless assisting beginner riders (50CC).

  • ~20 riders are permitted on the track at one time.

  • We are a volunteer organization, please treat track officials and other fellow riders with courtesy and respect

All bikes must pass our sound test. 96 db or less

Go to our sound testing page for more info.  *Sound Testing for ALL bikes*


Rider Apparel

  • Riders must wear a helmet when riding through the pits or on the track. Helmet must be a full face helmet.

  • Riders are responsible for the mechanical running and safety of their motorcycle or ATV.

  • No use of portable music players.

  • Goggles must be worn during practice.

  • Goggles or face shield must be shatter resistant.

  • Riding boots are required at a minimum of 8 inches high.

We highly recommend all riders wear as much gear as possible while riding the track, the above is what we expect as a bare minimum.


-Green Flag-

This flag is designated for pro or intermediate riders.

This rider will be able to complete all obstacles.

-Yellow Flag-

This flag is designated for junior intermediate riders.
This rider will be able to complete most obstacles.
All riders riding in this class must ride with caution.

-Red Flag-

This flag is designated for beginner riders. NO JUMPING ALLOWED. Wheels on the ground.

Parents are able to ride with children, as long as they respect the above rule!

We use a flagging system to control who can be on the track at what time during practices.  We fly this flag near the Blue entrance hut.  If no flag is flying that means we are currently in a flag shift over.  We strive to give all riders equal amount of time on the track.  Depending on rider turn out and the skills break down, the track official will determine the best classes and the number of classes to run for the day.  This is not an exact science so talk to the track official if you have any questions or concerns.


Riders must choose one flag/class to ride for the day. For example if you pick the yellow class, you must only go out in that class for the day.  If a track official feels a rider is unsafe in a given class, the rider will be flagged off, the rider must exit the track immediately and discuss the appropriate class with the track official.   Please see violation section below.

-Blue/White Flag-

 A fourth flag may be introduced depending on the volume of riders that day.

-Black Flag-

A black flag will appear to a specific rider if a KDBC staff member notices a mechanical issue with your motorcycle or ATV or other safety issues.

This flag will appear during practice if you are riding unsafely or, for instance, jumping on a red flag. A black flagged rider must reduce speed, proceed safely to the pits and speak to the Practice Director.

-Checkered Flag and Yellow Flag-

The checkered flag will finish your practice and you must reduce speed and exit the track.  The track exit is just after the landing on the finish line jump.  Do not proceed past the finish line jump around and through the rollers as this is where riders will be entering the track and it creates an unsafe situation.  Do not sneak an extra lap in as you could be asked to leave for the day.


The yellow flag will be issued during certain events. This is for the safety of the rider and will be present at unforeseen obstacles, like if a rider is down. If this flag is presented, you must slow down and roll all obstacles until you have cleared the downed rider.

Off The Track Rules

  • There is no on site disposal of garbage, All riders/spectators must take all garbage with them. You are responsible for all of your own hazard waste such as:

    • Motor oil

    • Antifreeze

    • Tires

    • Any other hazardous waste

  • No dirt bikes are permitted to ride out of the gates. Dirt bikes must be loaded up properly and unloaded outside the gates.

  • Mandatory maximum 5 MPH riding through the pits. First gear idle your way to and from the track.

  • If a person is acting unsafely or inappropriately, they will be told to leave the property by the KDBC.

  • If you are asked to leave and you don’t comply, you will be escorted off the property and will not be allowed to return.

  • Parents and guardians are responsible for their child’s actions as well.

  • All dogs must be on a leash.

  • No riding off and on the premises.


Violation of rules will result in:

  • 1st Violation = warning.

  • 2nd Violation = done for the day.

  • 3rd Violation = probable suspension of riding privileges or other disciplining measures deemed necessary by the KDBC executive.

  • 4th = revocating membership for the season.

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